Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas in San Francisco

As Vic Damone croons, “Christmas in San Francisco, what a lovely place to be”, it really does transform into quite a magical place during the holidays.  While I may not find the magic in eating lychee nuts and BBQ boar, I do always find it in holiday lights and decorations year after year as if through the fresh eyes of a child. 

Last year I discovered the best day to go around San Francisco or probably any big city at a leisurely pace, even the high traffic areas, was the Sunday after Thanksgiving because residents are still making their way back into town and those in town for the holidays are checking out.  Although the weather was not as beautiful as last year, the rain did not stop me from making this hopefully an annual tradition.  

We stopped by both B Patisserie for breakfast and Rove Kitchen for lunch both normally boasting a long line but on this day had absolutely no wait, allowing us even more time to explore. 

Gingerbread House at Fairmont Hotel

Unlike last year when I barely squeezed in a visit to The Gingerbread House at the Fairmont Hotel on the last day, New Year’s Day, this year I arrived just one day after its reveal to the public.  The 22 ft tall, 2 story gingerbread house that you can walk through is so impressive,


it almost makes you overlook the just as grand Christmas tree in the center of the lobby. 
Those who want to splurge can do so with their holiday gingerbread tea.  Not cheap though at up to $119 for an adult, but like most travelers who has the highest happiness quotient with experiences it may be worth the “dough”.  Speaking of dough, was it used in making those 10,000+ gingerbread bricks? 
For the rest of us, Fairmont’s Gingerbread House is already a feast for our senses from the gingerbread aroma to the meticulous detail that went into its creation.  Little village encircled by a moving train, check,
carolers on the balcony, check,
toy shop with a surprise popping up from its floorboards, check,
Santa stuck in the chimney, check, check, check! 
On display from November 25th- New Year’s Day 2018, it is not to be missed. 

950 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

Sugar Castles at the Westin St. Francis

Although a smaller scale in terms of size, the Sugar Castles at the Westin St. Francis are no less impressive especially since there is not one but two of these confectionary creations this year.  In addition to the rotating St. Francis enchanted castle that is the focal point,


is the return of the popular original Sugar Castle where macarons dot the bottom of the castle. 

If you want to sample some of the culinary delights yourself, please do not pluck it from the castle but buy it from the St. Francis Sweet Boutique that is back on the weekends through December 23rd and enjoy cookies, gingerbread men, and Parisian style macarons. 
With the Macy’s Union Square Christmas Tree just steps out the door,
the convenience just cannot be beat.  On display from November 23rd to January 2nd, 2018

Westin St. Francis San Francisco -
335 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA

“Christmas in San Francisco, it’s the closest thing to heaven, how I wish that you were here.” 

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