Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Cherry Blossom Season at the Japanese Tea Garden

As a child, spring was always my favorite season as not only does the temperature start  warming up, a big plus in the East Coast but I felt like it was a season of renewal as flowers start to bloom again.  Unfortunately due to a very sheltered childhood, I never did get to experience much outside of a 25 mile radius from Fort Lee so missed out on the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloomed in D.C. every year.  To be honest, I never even knew it existed. 
Now with time constraints and of course an increased distance, being in Japan or D.C. during cherry blossom season remains a pipe dream.  Although San Francisco has its annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan Town every year, one of the largest celebrations outside of D.C., which I have been to often –, with the exception of a couple of trees, it really is missing the blooms the festival is named after. 
Since I probably will not get a chance to go to the festival this year, we decided to experience these delicate blooms this past weekend at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco.  Although on a much smaller scale than what you would experience in D.C. or Japan, it is still a beautiful getaway. 
If you only want to see some blooms, the two cherry blossom trees flanking the entrance is in full bloom right now giving you some picture perfect moments without the $9 per person admission fee. 

However, if you want a slice of Japan with those cherry blossoms, this peaceful respite in the middle of Golden Gate Park does transport you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 



If you arrive in the morning during the weekend or during the week when it is less crowded, an hour or two is more than enough to experience it at a leisurely pace.  But if you want to stretch your time there, their tea house is a perfect place for a tea break, snack, or even a bowl of udon to warm you up. 


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