Friday, August 10, 2018

Salt Lake City, Utah

Since we drove directly to Idaho Falls upon arrival, I wanted some time to get a taste of Salt Lake City before leaving.  With me, food is never far from my mind during my travels and my meal at Pallet might have just been my favorite meal of the trip.  With a trendy interior that could easily fit in at SOHO,

the food was impeccable from the Yukon with truffle aioli that is enough to share, to the different proteins we tried like Gloria’s meatballs, elk, and bass, showcasing the versatility of its chef. 


Staying at the Hyatt Place in Downtown was a great location, quiet enough since there was no event that weekend at the Arena but walking distance to the Temple Square, which I have a glimpse even from our room, if you so choose to get some exercise. 

Timing was on our side as the Mormon Tabernacle
had a free bell ringing concert that night. 

Seeing and hearing in person what I have only seen on TV, showed nothing compares to the acoustics of the real thing.  


Being further north meant it was still light out after 9 allowing us the chance to take a leisurely walk through Temple Square


before returning to the hotel to catch the end of the NBA finals and our Golden State Warriors winning back to back champions elevating them to dare I say dynasty status. 

A later flight the next day allowed me time to stop by the Capitol and Washington Square

before heading to the airport checking off another 3 states.

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