Thursday, December 12, 2019

Santa To A Senior

Many have forgotten the reason for the season as Christmas has become way too commercialized, making me yearn for the good old days and I am only in my 40’s.  How I miss the simple days where all the parking lots were peacefully quiet and empty as we drove home from Thanksgiving dinner vs. it being packed nowadays before we even leave for dinner.  Common decency has been abandoned as they trample over others to fight over a cheap TV or iPad, many attributing it to acting like animals.  That is an insult to animals as animals would rarely be that uncivilized.     

Every year since I was in college and making $8 an hour, I would try to fulfill a wish from a Giving Tree so at least one more child would have a gift to open on Christmas Day.  As years go by, many companies and corporation partner with local organizations so their employees can fulfill many of these wishes.  While it fills my heart that the efforts are far reaching now, my heart aches for one group that is often forgotten, our seniors.  Since when do we forget a generation that has survived a World War, or the Depression and still worked hard to provide a good life for their family for ones where not having a smart phone is considered the end of the world.  So, this year, we drove almost an hour just so we can pick up the ornament from the Santa To A Senior giving tree and fulfill two wishes.  It is not much as they ask for so little, like a pack of playing cards or a gift basket, but I know that it is not how much it cost that matters.  They will appreciate them as it is the thought that counts and this year, at least two will know they are not forgotten.  Is that not a good enough reason for this season?  Joy over the simple things.  

If you already missed the deadline to fulfill a wish via the Giving Tree, consider making a donation so a gift may still be purchased for one. 

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