Monday, April 4, 2016

Shared Loves

When people have a shared love or passion for something, it crosses all boundaries and any generational gaps.  When you have a shared passion for multiple things, it is like finding your soul mate in the friendship realm.   As mentioned just in my last post, we have made what I consider lifelong friends over in Mau`i and although many of us are from California, it took our love for Mau`i to bring us together. We look forward to and countdown the days together until our reunion at our happiest place on Earth each year. 

Although I completely agree with the quote “Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you are to the end, the faster it goes.”, the wait in between each visit seems to be the exception to the rule.  So recently we, including my dad met up with one of the Maui loving couples up in Napa Valley for lunch since it was close to the halfway point between us.  Over good food, great wines, and even better company, we picked up where we last left off almost as if it was just the day before when we were watching the sun set in the Pacific Ocean fronting our beautiful home away from home.

Here on the other side of the Pacific, we met up at Market in St. Helena, one of only two restaurants in Napa Valley that has no corkage fee for Napa Valley wines.  We shared a bottle of the 2012 Mt Veeder Cabernet from our favorite winery V Sattui that my dad had expertly picked out as a future when it was still in the barrel years ago, no small feat with Cabernets since they tend to be more tannic.  Upon release, once the tannins have softened, it went on to quickly win Wine of the Year and was a hit among all, even those who are normally not Cabernet drinkers. 

They brought along and shared from their collection a library vintage of the Corison’s Kronos Vineyard Cabernet, another delicious choice to pair with our Market lunch.  After the 2 bottles of wine with lunch, we decided to take a pass on wine tasting that day so we can truly appreciate the experience at a later date. 


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