Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Yelp, There It Is

Tag team, back again, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, let’s begin. 

I had discovered the West Coast answer to the NY cronuts last year thanks to a picture of the cruffins (croissant influenced muffin) from a fellow Yelper.  Since I did not wait in line for 2 hours for a Hello Kitty bobblehead at the A’s game the night before, we decided to wait an hour for a cruffin the next day.  Two visits later and no longer a novice, I knew to check their Facebook page so I can preview their daily flavors for the upcoming week and when I saw POG for this past weekend, this Hawaiian at Heart jumped at the chance to secure 2 of these elusive goodies!  This is where the tag team comes in and why having 2 people makes the difference.  As hubby shared on Yelp, Player 1 drives by, Player 2 gets dropped off and secures a spot in line, Player 1 looks for parking before joining in line. Player 2 can then check out what other goods are available to purchase after 8 to munch on while in line waiting for cruffins to roll out at 9.  Getting to know your fellow Yelpers in line makes the time go by faster as well, last time a couple from Boston and this time, a couple originally from Hawai`i!  Forty five minutes later and 2 Yelp friends richers, we laid our hands and immediately sunk our teeth into the POG cruffin! 


Planning on knocking off a couple of my Yelp bookmarks, I planned lunch at Rove Kitchen followed by dessert at Sixth Course.  But with 1 ½ hours to kill before Rove opened, I realized that I can finally take advantage of the Bank of America Museum on Us to get into the DeYoung or Legion of Honor for free the first weekend of the month.  All it took was the Na Hulu Ali`i Royal Hawaiian Featherworks Special Exhibit to convince me to head over to the DeYoung before lunch and with a week left of this exhibit (until April 10th), it was meant to be.  Most pieces we have probably seen before at the Bishop Museum on our previous O`ahu visit (staying at the Waikiki Parc gave us complimentary admission to the Bishop) but there were additional pieces there from around the country and world traveling with this exhibit and upon the tour conclusion will return to Hawai`i where it belongs.  Because the exhibit is coming to an end, many of the gift shop items are 50% off. 

Check out Yelp http://luckylotus.yelp.com for my new reviews on Rove Kitchen and Sixth Course but here are some pictures to tantalize your taste buds! 



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