Friday, July 29, 2016

In and Out of Boston

Before you get too excited, no, In N Out did not just come to Boston so you still need to come to my neck of the woods for that burger with a following.  However, on our most recent New England visit, we purposely flew in and out of Boston so we can see family even if only for a few hours to and from our NH home base for the week.  With only a quick stop upon arrival at Mike's for cannoli that we enjoyed with this view, we did not get a chance to actually stop until the day we were flying out.   


I seem to find myself in Boston only about once a decade and unfortunately for only a day or less.  I am not sure if is subconsciously due to my dad growing up here before moving to NY for work but I have always had an inexplicable connection and longing for Boston just like the opening scene of Banacek rowing down the Charles River still tugs on his heart strings.  I did get a taste of the city via the hop on/hop off trolley during my first visit in the 90s and the aquarium during my second visit shortly after the millennium.  So it just seemed fitting that I get around to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market this time around, even if only for a moment. 


Hopefully I will not have to wait another decade or until an In N Out actually does open in Boston before returning. 

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