Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It’s Christmas Once Again in San Francisco

From my happiest place on Earth, Mau`i, to my next favorite time of the year, the holidays, time has just flown by.  For almost the past 20 years, I have kicked off the holiday season the Friday before Thanksgiving with KOIT flipping the switch to Christmas music and the SF Embarcadero Building Lighting and Winter Carnival and this year was no exception. 

For the past 15 years, my Black Friday shopping consisted of buying and decorating my Christmas tree but this year I took it a step further.  Since fresh trees became available the week before, I took advantage of it during the previous wet weekend freeing up the weekend right after Thanksgiving to take the REI challenge and opted to get outside and down to the Central Coast where I got to swim in November and watch the sunset over Pismo Beach followed by oceanfront dining at the Oyster Loft as if I was still in Mau`i. 

My third Apple Farm Christmas experience is always a great seasonal appropriate reminder of what I love about this time of year and one I hope will continue to be an annual tradition. 


As the 25 Days of Christmas Countdown begins, it is a perfect time to pledge to make it a "Bright and Merry" one and if you need some inspiration before it is too late,

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