Monday, July 8, 2019

Alameda County Fair Take 2 and 3

I did not intend on writing another blog post for the fair especially since I wrote one last year - but with how much fun I had, I just had to commemorate that and leave some tips for next year.   

Taking my own advice, I did not wait another 20+ years to return again and again.  Also with some “experience” from last year, I was able to plan better even for our first 3 hour visit on a Friday evening and then again for a 7 hour visit yesterday for the last day of the fair. 


The nightly fireworks last year were a bit disappointing with how short it was (about 1-2 minutes long) so this year, I planned for the 1 night only Fremont Bank Fireworks Spectacular Show that was lit over the racetrack at the Stella Artois Grandstand.  We were rewarded with 20 glorious minutes of fireworks getting us pumped for the upcoming July 4th week.  

Seeing that short 1-2 minute nightly firework show last night aboard the Skyride that could not have been timed more perfectly as our seats glided by the show at the perfect moment, we got to see the fireworks eye to eye without craning our necks. 


Second behind the fireworks is of course food!!  As to be expected fair food will be expensive but it is also part of the experience.  So to get the best of both worlds without breaking the bank, I had an avocado toast snack before leaving the first time and split the Mowie Wowie chicken from Ricardo’s - $14, 

Fried Mac N Cheese Balls from Mac Shack- $9, 

Strawberry Supremo Funnel Cake - $12 

and agua frescas ($7 for large, $3.75 for refills) while there. 

Total cost of food $45.75 for 2. 

Last night, we ate lunch before leaving, stopped by Meadowlark for 2 large frosty cones which held us over until dinner time.  Although I had intended on repeating a few options from the first visit, surprisingly, I only repeated the agua frescas, 3 times.  

From the same stand, we split 3 gourmet street tacos - $11.75, 

a Texas Sized Turkey Leg from across the way $14.75, 

and all 3 free samples from the Lucky’s booth.  Total cost of food $37.75 for 2.


My favorite has got to be the Alaskan Pig Race which is the only thing I repeated both visits.  

Go Strawberry!!  

With names like Luke Skyporker, the Notorious P.I.G. Piggy Small, and Tupork Shakur, how can you resist. 

I finally got to see the small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs up for adoption 

and the exhibits including miniature tea place settings 

but was too late for the petting zoo which closes at 8.

The hypnotist was absolutely hilarious that I was surprised some of that watermelon agua fresca did not come out of my nose from laughing so hard as the “subjects” shake, shake, shake Sonora, shake their body line!

Although we squeezed in a lot, 3 hours was definitely not enough so with unseasonably mild weather predicted for the last day of the fair, we returned mid-afternoon for the rest.    

While waiting for the 3:30 pig races, I checked out the farm animals 

and petting zoo.  

After the pig races, we caught the 6th and 7th horse race at the tracks.  

I was hopeful that betting on #7 on the 7th race on 7/7 was a good sign.  Unfortunately, it meant losing $7 as the jockey fell off Tis The Speed Bomb, probably resulting in him coming in 7.  

After checking out the model railroad exhibit, 

I finally got to go on the Skyride which is a steal at $6 for unlimited rides all day to get a bird’s eye view for humans and stuffed animals alike.  

We went through 2 roundtrips early evening with gorgeous birds view of the fair 

with the mountains as the backdrop 

and another trip and a half lit up by the carnival rides and those fireworks I mentioned earlier.  

Best $6 spent!!

Last year we got to see Sir Mix A Lot in concert, a throwback to my college days, this year, Vince Neil, frontman of Motley Crue closed out the fair with all those Crue Classics, starting with Dr. Feelgood and ending with Girls, Girls, Girls, and the Wild Side, even further throwback to my high school years. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and last night we said good night to the Alameda County Fair.  I am looking forward to next year and maybe an unprecedented 3rd blog post...     

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